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Our complete hygiene solution aims to protect human health by providing a clean environment that will stop the transmission of diseases.



Wastewater entering sewage plants especially from hospitals, abattoirs and factories needs special attention as it can include industrial hazardous contaminants, fats and oils.  These may include effluent waste, pharmaceutical and personal care products from domestic use.  Nero4U microbial Enzymes assist in the breakdown of such contaminants. The wastewater can further be treated for pathogenic contamination with our Nero4U Water Sanitiser allowing it to be reintroduced into water sources and irrigation systems.

Contaminated food is the main cause of disease outbreaks and transmission.


The key points to prevent contamination in abattoirs are: (1) keep clean; (2) keep food at safe temperatures; and (3) use safe water and disinfect premises and equipment with food grade disinfectants.

 Nero4U’s product range include(s) Chlorine-Free water sanitation and Rinse-Free, food grade surface and atmospheric disinfection. 

Image by André Bjørkhaug


Image by Deon Hua


This crucial sector to the economy is highly dependent on water treatment technologies. Mining operations rely on large water quantities and an uninterrupted water supply. Water re-use can significantly reduce costs and the mining sector faces strict legislation to minimise environmental degradation. 


We focus on providing safe drinking water and sanitised facilities for all employees as well as assisting in the recycling of contaminated water exiting the mine. 

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