NB: We have included a 70% alcohol based hand sanitiser for COVID compliance to WHO specifications






NeroSan - 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

NeroSAN Hand Sanitiser offers double action disinfection, killing immediately and continuously for longer.

Our product is packaged in a non-aerosol can with a “soft mist” pump action actuator offering more control and a longer lasting product. 

Carry your alcohol liquid spray can in your handbag, laptop bag and in the car without worrying about leakage. Available in 3 convenient sizes. 




NeroSAN Surface and Atmospheric Disinfectant

NeroSAN is a EN 13697 certified (European Standards) biocide that eliminates viruses and bacteria such as, E-coli, Coliforms, Staphylococcus, Listeria (Listeriosis), Salmonella and Pseudo-Aeruginosa.  

NeroSAN active ingredients are effective virucides and is being used for the prevention of COVID-19 in South Africa. 

NeroSAN is:

  • Alcohol-free 

  • Non-flammable

  • Non-volatile

  • Non-corrosive


Disinfecting Livestock and Agricultural Holdings and Equipment

Disinfecting Food Processing Plants and the Hospitality sector

Widely used in Hospitals and Clinics


The full range of NeroSAN includes, 

Hand Sanitiser that lasts up to 3hrs on the skin if not rinsed off and even works on soiled hands.







NeroSan Fogger

NeroSAN FOGGER is a very effective disinfectant, in a pressurised canister, that sanitises in one hands-free application.
NeroSAN’s bactericide, fungicide and virucide disinfecting fog will eliminate offensive odours and sanitise hard, nonporous, non-food contact surfaces.

Will reach areas that are not easily accessible offering total protection of the area.

Use one unit per 50m³ of unobstructed area.  Use additional units for remote rooms or where free flow of mist is not assured.

To be used ONLY in the absence of people and animals.
Ventilate for at least 30min before re-entering the area.


Nero4U™ Water Sanitiser 

A chlorine-free water treatment product that kills 99.9% of germs.

Nero4U™ is a EN 1276 certified (European Standards) biocide that eliminates viruses and bacteria such as, E-coli, Coliforms, Staphylococcus and Pseudo-Aeruginosa. It has been tested by the CSIR in South Africa on Cholera showing a 100% kill rate. Nero4U eradicates algae and fungal growth and prevents their regrowth. The combination of active ingredients in Nero4U allows it to be a very effective water disinfectant at very low dosages. Nero4U™ cleans biofilm build-up from water lines and prevents algae and calcium build up thus allowing disinfection over longer distances. 


Nero4U is 

  • Non-flammable

  • Non-volatile

  • Non-corrosive

  • Non-carcinogenic

Nero4U does not contain:

Phenols, iodine, aldehyde, bromine, hypochlorite, formaldehyde, copper or silver nitrate.






Treating water in Rural areas and Communities. NeroSAFE is a biodegradable biocide added to water to control the growth of bacteria and microorganisms, thereby reducing water contamination and disease transmission in rural areas.

NeroSAFE is supplied in 200ml twin Neck Bettix Bottles that include a dispensing chamber measuring and allowing the dispensing of 5ml-10ml into every 10L of water.


NeroSAFE is dosed into water collected from a local source. Water may be consumed after 10min.  Leaving the water to stand for up to 24hrs will allow the suspended solids, dirt and dust to settle at the bottom of the barrel leaving clean water to be scooped up.  The water remaining in the barrel may now be stored for up to 5 days. It is advisable to keep the container closed and not to dip any items, such as eating utensils into the water.

  • Effective and simple water sanitation system

  • Ideal for rural areas with contaminated water

  • Ideal for all outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hunting and safari’s

  • No harmful by-products



NeroSHOCK is used for the treatment of contaminated reservoir water. NeroSHOCK is a chlorine-free biocide that is a bactericide, algaecide, fungicide, and virucide, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. 

Water may be reduced to the level where algae is prevalent. NeroSHOCK is then added to circulating water to allow the product to blend into the total volume of water.   


Allow water to stand for 24hrs for disinfection, elimination of algae growth and assisting in the flocculation of TSS (Total Suspended Solids) to occur.  After 24hrs flush out all impurities that have settled.

Caution: At the initial dosage level, will be harmful to aquatic life.


NeroSHOCK is:

  • Non-flammable 

  • Non-volatile 

  • Non-corrosive

  • Non-carcinogenic


NeroSHOCK does not contain:

Phenols, iodine, aldehyde, bromine, hypochlorite, formaldehyde, copper or silver nitrate.





The NeroENZYMES Range consists of various products for different applications. 

NeroENZYMES, destroys odours and keeps drains clean and open in abattoirs and food rendering plants. 

Boosts the effectiveness and capacity of sewage treatment plants and stops sludge build-up.

Liquefy oils, greases and fats maintaining grease traps or grease interceptors clean.

Assist in the breakdown of livestock and agricultural waste.

Supplied in liquid and granular form.



Nero4U™ POOLS is a Chlorine-free product intended for the treatment of swimming pool water. Nero4U™ POOLS contains a number of synergistic components that exert the following activities in concert:

  1. Sanitation Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral, Anti-algal

  2. Flocculation, precipitation, and coagulation

  3. Clarification and filter aid

The synergistic interaction amongst the various active ingredients results in a remarkable pool-cleaning efficacy that is exerted at very low dosage levels with a once-a-month application only. 

Benefits include:

  • A Chlorine-free pool

  • Is biodegradable and environmentally friendly - allowing for backwashing into gardens 

  • Effective over a wider pH - requiring less cleaning agents

  • No bleaching and fading of wetsuits

  • Softer on skin and eyes

  • No product dusting during dispensing into pool

Nero4U™ POOLS delivers the right amount of product maintaining a consistently safe, clean and clear pool for up to 30 days.